Mindful Piano, Ely – Piano Teacher, Ely

Mindful Piano is an established piano studio (just coming into its 5th year of operation) in Ely, run by Brian Partridge, AMEPTA. I am a local piano teacher in Ely and am an Associate Member of the European Piano Teachers Association, the governing body for piano teachers. Generally lessons have been face to face but these were suspended as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. Lessons are now (September 2020) being conducted face to face again but with the option of online lessons via the Zoom platform with recordings of playing being reviewed in advance. when provided by students.

A Risk Assessment has been prepared, and consulted with parents and students, Mindful Piano Risk Assessment PDF3 to enable Face to Face lessons to recommence as from 7th September 2020. Trial lessons took place in August 2020 with a view to finalising the Risk Assessment (now done as above) ready for 7th September. In any event, online lessons will continue to be available for those who want them and a hybrid option of a mix of face to face and online lessons will continue to be available.

I am passionate about teaching piano and I would invite you to view these web pages to find out about my approach and how I aim to make learning the piano enjoyable and relaxing. I am to make the piano studio an oasis of calm and a place to get away from the stresses of the day and just to enjoy making music.

Oasis in the desert made in 3d software

If you wish to book a free one hour consultation please go to the contact page and give me a call or submit the contact form. There is no obligation after the consultation but I hope you will be enthused enough to start lessons and engage on a journey of discovery. I look forward to hearing from you.

I have also recently completed a course with the Curious Piano Teachers and am now a certified Curious Piano Teacher:

Certified curious-1



8 thoughts on “Mindful Piano, Ely – Piano Teacher, Ely

  1. Hi Brian, my partner would like to be able to ‘tinkle the ivories’ nothing crazy special but that sounds good. If I were to buy him 10 hours of lessons as a Christmas present what sort of cost and startdate for lessons (he would need weekends because of work) would there be?

    Kind regards,



    • HI Bryony – great to hear from you. Unfortunately I do not teach at weekends – I do teach Monday and Tuesday evenings but there is a waiting list at the moment for those slots. Lessons are £30 an hour. Sorry I am unable to help at the moment.

      Best wishes


  2. Hi Brian
    I Am interested in having piano lessons. I live in little Downham. I work but often have days off in the week. I would have to start as a complete an utter learner. regards
    Pauline Atkinson.


  3. Hi Brian
    I have two kids, 11 yo twins, who love the piano. We moved here recently and they need a new piano teacher. Can you please contact me?
    Thank you
    Jessica Paschke


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