Mindful Piano, Ely – Piano Teacher, Ely

Mindful Piano is an established piano studio in Ely, run by Brian Partridge, AMEPTA. I am a local piano teacher in Ely and am an Associate Member of the European Piano Teachers Association, the governing body for piano teachers. I have also recently completed a course with the Curious Piano Teachers and am now a certified Curious Piano Teacher:

Certified curious-1

I am passionate about teaching piano and I would invite you to view these web pages to find out about my approach and how I aim to make learning the piano enjoyable and relaxing. I am to make the piano studio an oasis of calm and a place to get away from the stresses of the day and just to enjoy making music.

Oasis in the desert made in 3d software

If you wish to book a free one hour consultation please go to the contact page and give me a call or submit the contact form. There is no obligation after the consultation but I hope you will be enthused enough to start lessons and engage on a journey of discovery. I look forward to hearing from you.

Update on Coronavirus – face to face lessons have now been suspended for the time being as a result of the outbreak. Lessons are continuing online only via the Zoom platform with recordings of playing being reviewed in advance (recordings are being uploaded onto Dropbox).


8 thoughts on “Mindful Piano, Ely – Piano Teacher, Ely

  1. Hi Brian, my partner would like to be able to ‘tinkle the ivories’ nothing crazy special but that sounds good. If I were to buy him 10 hours of lessons as a Christmas present what sort of cost and startdate for lessons (he would need weekends because of work) would there be?

    Kind regards,



    • HI Bryony – great to hear from you. Unfortunately I do not teach at weekends – I do teach Monday and Tuesday evenings but there is a waiting list at the moment for those slots. Lessons are £30 an hour. Sorry I am unable to help at the moment.

      Best wishes


  2. Hi Brian
    I Am interested in having piano lessons. I live in little Downham. I work but often have days off in the week. I would have to start as a complete an utter learner. regards
    Pauline Atkinson.


  3. Hi Brian
    I have two kids, 11 yo twins, who love the piano. We moved here recently and they need a new piano teacher. Can you please contact me?
    Thank you
    Jessica Paschke


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